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Some of the most commonly asked questions

About Us

Are you a charity shop?

No, but we do offer an avenue for buying second-hand fashion items. We also offer our clients an opportunity to make a little bit of money back from their unwanted items. The other thing that we have to point out is that we can’t compete with the prices of charity shop prices which are often very good value if selling a designer piece.  They often have no rent to pay and are staffed by volunteers so their costs are very low unlike a normal business. But we are massive fans of charity shops and we advocate that you shop in all manner of secondhand outlets!!

How does it work?

How it all works

Please read though the About us page on the website

What sizes you have in the shop?

We stock a great range of sizes from 6-26, but the quantity of each size depends on how much stock is brought into the shop. Typically we have more of the 10-16 sizes.

How do you determine the price?

When you come into the shop it is good to have an idea of what the original price was, as we usually we put 1/3 of its original price on used clothes and 1/2 on new with tags. This may vary if the item is very worn and/or damaged. If you can’t remember the price then we make an educated guess based on other items in the shop and what we have priced them at.

If I take something, and don’t like it, can I bring it back?

Unfortunately not, because we don’t have labels on out stock, we can’t stop people from using the item and returning it after they have worn it. The only time we change that rule is if the option to return is agreed at the time of purchase. We have a changing room for you to try on the item before you buy.

If my clothes sell, how much do I get?

We are a little different from other secondhand clothes outlets in that we practice circular fashion. Let me explain!! When you leave clothes with us to sell, you are expecting people to come into the shop to buy them; we also expect you to become a purchaser of someone else’s secondhand clothes.  In this way, everyone is helping each other to share their unwanted items. The way we do this is that out of the 50% that you get on the sale of your items, we give up to 25% in cash and the other 25% is given in store credit to be used in the shop.  Doing this helps the flow of stock, since we can receive up to 50 items each day – if we hadn’t introduced this policy, we would always be turning people away.

Is there a limit on how many things I can bring in?

Yes, we don’t like to take over 15 items and they have to be cleaned and un-creased, if they come in a bag they generally get creased and sometimes ill send them back with you to iron as we don’t iron them on the premises.

What type of things do you except?

Most things! We will accept fashion items from the high street (though not Primark or Peacocks etc.), but love high-end, designer and vintage items. Items must be seasonal: no woolly coats in July!!!

General Information

Are the cushions for sale or just display?

Yes they are for sale! They are handprinted by a local textile design duo called ‘Parker and Arrol”. Some of the designs are only sold in the shop as they are created in collaboration between myself and Parker and Arrol. One-off designs and various colourways can be produced – please talk to me if you are interested. We also sell  matching velvet lampshades and recycled lampshades and limited edition prints.

What time do you open?

Please see the homepage or the Contact page for more info

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